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=== Return  ===
=== Return  ===

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All characters are granted a skill called “Return” when created. “Return” will place the character back at their bind point, which is set at the cost of Kinah at Obelisks.


Thoughout Atreia, generally near Flight Transporters&Obelisks sit the Teleporters. Whereas Flight Transporters can transport you to different areas of the current zone, Teleporters can teleport one throughout all the zones in Atreia, at the cost of Kinah. The Kinah costs increase as the average questing level of the zone increases.

Teleport Scrolls

Teleport scrolls, on use (right-click) will teleport the player to the zone in which the tooltip&name state. Teleport scrolls are scrolls bought in either Sanctum, Pandaemonium or in the zone to which the scroll will teleport the player. Teleport scrolls become increasingly expensive based on the zone. All scrolls have a cast time of 10 seconds.

Worg/Zaif Souls

Available from Vendors are items called “Zaif Souls” or "Worg Souls", Level 1 and 2. Both Souls are available for use by Scout classes (Rangers and Assassins) only at level 10 and beyond. The Souls transform the player into a Zaif/Worg, increasing run speed by 20% and 30%, for Level 1 and 2 respectively. Players cannot use abilities while transformed. The Souls cost a few thousand Kinah each, and are one-time use items with no cast time.
SoulItem SoulTransform

Teleport Statues

In both Sanctum and Pandaemonium are Teleport Statues near the entrance to the city. For a small fee (around 300 Kinah) the Statues will teleport the player to the other end of the city, as the cities are fairly large.

Run Speed Increases

Throughout Aion there are multiple ways to increase both flight and run speed. One can increase run speed via a run speed increase on boots (No enchantment of any type. This is a stat applied to mostly PvP-based gear). Run speed and flight speed increase scrolls can be created by alchemists at different intervals, ranging from 20% to 30% speed increases. Chanters have a Speed Mantra that increases all speed by 10 (roughly 16% base speed increase).

Spiritmaster Summon

Spiritmasters are granted the ability to summon a group member at level 25. This summon requires a Dimension Fragment, which is sold by General Goods Vendors, under the Job Supplies tab. It costs roughly 2,500 Kinah.
DimensionToolTip SummonTooltip


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