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[[Category:sorcerer stigmas]]

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Stigmas are special abilities from which they draw power from. Stigmas grant special and new abilities to players and allows for personal player customization.

Players are granted access to stigmas at level 20 through a storyline mission. As players progress in level, more slots open up. Level 20 - 2 slots

Level 30 - 3 slots

Level 40 - 4 slots 

Level 45 - 4 slots 2 advanced slots

Level 50 - 5 slots 3 advanced slots

Stigmas come from...

quests, loot, and abyss points for advanced stigmas.

Stigma Shards

Stigma shards are used as a form of currency when switching stigmas in and out. All Stigma equips (though not un-equips) cost Stigma Shards to perform. You can obtain them through quests and killing NPCs in the abyss. They can be sold and traded.

Stigmas by Class:

Assassin - Ranger - Chanter - Cleric - Gladiator - Templar - Spiritmaster - Sorcerer


Stigmas thread

You can start discussing Stigmas by clicking the POST button below.



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