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PvP combat is rewarded mainly in Abyss Points. These points are used as both currency as well as points for a ladder system, referred to as the Abyss Ranking System.

Abyss Points can be used to purchase very powerful armor and weapons. Players can also choose to spend Abyss Points on potions, Advanced Stigmas, and Godstones.

Contribution Decorations

Contribution Decorations are required for more advanced peices of Abyss gear in addition to Abyss Points. They are generally required for Abyss armor and weaponry at level 40 and beyond. Silver Contribution Decorations are obtained through participating in fortress sieges. To obtain Gold Contribution Decorations players are required to gamble their current Silver Contribution Decorations by tossing them into a fountain below their respective fortresses. Each time they have a chance to obtain a gold decoration or lose the silver in the process and gain nothing. Read more about Sieges here.[[Category:]]


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