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The Ranger is a physically-based damage-dealing class that excels in maintaining a distance from his enemy while dealing large amounts of damage and avoiding harm himself. The Ranger is master of Archery, Traps and maintains the ability to stealth. These Scouts are well-versed in their skills as an archer as well as melee combat. 

Traps are abilities that the Ranger can set on the ground using Seeds bought from most general goods vendors. These traps will negatively effect any enemy to enter proximity. When set off, they can inflict immediate or periodic damage or keep an opponent still for a period of time.

Rangers are masters of controlling the enemy. Rangers are given the ability to control instantly from a distance using various crowd-control abilities, status ailments and lockdown abilities such as stuns and snares. These Archers are are medium-armored but specialize in using his evasive abilities to preserve himself.

The Ranger has the ability to take on multiple roles to preserve the lives of his party or annihilate those of the enemy. They can, should they desire, specialize in keeping enemies controlled with various forms of CC as well as dealing damage on the run. Should distance not be an option, the archer is deft in his use of the blade as well.

Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, One-handed Swords, Bows 

Armor Proficiencies: Cloth Armor, Leather Armor

Ranger Strengths: Long-Ranged Attacks, High Evasion Rating, Crowd-Control/Utility, Versatility, No Cast Times

Ranger Weaknessess: Low HP, Medium Armor, No Specific Proficiency, Long Animations



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