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PvE is Player versus Environment encounters, in which players fight against computer-controlled enemies and work toward a specific objective.


Aion has various dungeons for players to partake in throughout the level ranges. Not only does Aion have instances, Aion also has outdoor group dungeons that players can meet in and complete various objectives in different routes throughout the area. After successfully completing a dungeon, the player is locked out for a certain period of time ranging from 30 minutes to 24 hours. To check the status of the lockout, the player can use the /checkentry command.

Dungeon Level Range
Nochnasa Training Camp 25-28
Fire Temple 30-38
Steelrake Valley 40-50
Theobomos Secret Laboratory 50 (Elyos)
Ardma Fort 50 (Asmodian)
Dark Poeta 50

Steelrake Valley

Dark Poeta

World Bosses

Aion has various world bosses throughout its zones which drop powerful loot and require a large force or a highly coordinated team to defeat.



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