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<meta name="title" content="Aion's locations of interest" />
<meta name="title" content="Aion's locations of interest" />
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Throughout each city, large and small, there are various locations that are both vital and useful to players.

Various vendors and NPCs in town to help players change there appearance, sharpen their blade, or hone their skills.

The Divine Accessories Vendor sells appearance items for the face and head, as well as basic jewelery equipment. For more information please visit Aggregation.
The Divine Clothing Vendor sells appearance armor for all parts of the body, as well as full body pieces. It also sells basic cloth equipment. For more information please refer to Aggregation.
The Daeva of Dyes is responsible for selling dyes for player armor and shields, it also sells the component "Dye Remover" to clear the item of color after it has been dyed. For more information visit Armor Dye.
Class Masters are located in each capital and are responsible for selling new abilities to each class.
The Daeva of Cosmetics sells items that allow you to change your haircolor and skin tone. For more information visit Cosmetics.
The Cube Factory Craftsman allows players to expand their inventory space, for a set price, increasing in price each expansion.
General Goods Vendors give players access to everything they will need in the field when in Aion, anything from "Kisks" to "Revival Stones" can be found here. For more information visit Items.
The Godstone Merchant allows players to put in Godstones, or take them out of weapons for a set price. For more information visit Godstones.
The Item Remodeller allows players to change the appearance of armor with another item. For more information visit Aggregation.
The Remodeled Items Vendor sells items used to return the look of an aggregated item.
Job Suppliers sell all items required for class specific abilities. For more information visit Items.
Legion Found allows players to form, and upgrade legions. For more information on Legions[1] please visit Legions.
The Legion Warehouse is a bank specific to the entire legion, it houses the coffers for each legion and is shared amongst its members.
The Warehouse is a location in which players can store their valuable items that they do not wish to carry around. Players can expand its space for a set fee, increasesing in price each time it expands.
The Manastone Remover takes out manastones that are already in gear. Players will not be compensated or given back the old stones, however; They are lost in the process. For more information please visit Manastones.
The Daeva of Appearance is responsible for giving player characters an entire makeover appearance wise. For more information please visit Plastic Surgery.
The Stigma Master is responsible for the purpose of adding and removing stigma's from players' stigma decks.
The Stigma Tuner is responsible for selling basic level 20 Stigmas for a price in kinah.
The Trade Broker helps players put items up for auction across their faction. For more information please visit Trade Broker.


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