Obelisks and Kisks

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==  Obelisks  ==
==  Obelisks  ==

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When a player is killed, he is given the option to revive at the Obelisk his soul is bound to, or can choose to remain dead while awaiting a revival. Obelisks are placed at many strongholds and cost varying amounts of Kinah to register to, dependent on the general level of the area.



Kisks are a special type of Obelisk that can be bought from General Goods vendors and acquired through other means, generally guild-related. Kisks are Obelisks that allow a player to place it wherever he so chooses and bind himself to it. A Kisk has a set amount of resurrects available to it, has a set duration, and restricts the amount of players that can bind to it. Kisks will warn the player when there is 30 minutes, 10 minutes and 1 minutes left until the Kisk is automatically destroyed. A Kisk is also given an HP bar, and is destroyable by anyone opposed to the player's faction. Once under attack, the player will receive a message warning him that the Kisk he is bound to is under attack. If a player dies while bound to a Kisk, he is given the option to resurrect at a Kisk or the Obelisk he was bound to prior. Once the Kisk is destroyed or the charges are consumed, the player is automatically re-bound to the Obelisk he was bound to prior. Dying while bound to a Kisk will void the player of all Resurrection Sickness debuffs as long as the player chooses to resurrect at the Kisk. The experience debt gained while dying in PvE scenarios will still effect the player.

Types of Kisks

There are currently 3 types of Kisks. The larger the Kisk size, the larger the Health Pool it has.

-The Small Kisk (Group) is available for purchase from most General Goods vendors. The Small Kisk lasts for 2 hours, allows registration of up to 6 people, and has 18 total resurrections available to the binders. This kisk has shielding equivalent to a solo monster.

-The Medium Kisk (Force) is available via General Goods vendors as well. The Group Kisk also lasts for 2 hours, allows registration of up to 24 people, but has a total of 72 resurrections available to the binders. The Group Kisk is only usable by the summoner's force members. This kisk has shielding equivilant to a group encounter monster.

-The Large Kisk (Legion) is available for purchase from Legion Vendors. This Huge Kisk lasts for 2 hours, allows registration of up to 48 people, and has a total of 144 resurrections available to it. Only members of the summoner's force can bind to it. It also has extra shielding and HP to that of a group boss.



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