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| Up Arrow or W<br>
| Up Arrow or W<br>
| Backward<br>  
| <center>Backward<br> </center>
| Down Arrow or S<br>
| Down Arrow or S<br>

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In Aion, players can move on every axis. The most common way of traveling, however, is by foot. Default key bindings for movement are listed below.


Up Arrow or W
Down Arrow or S
Turn Left
Left Arrow or A
Turn Right
Right Arrow or D
Strafe Left
Strafe Right

Note: Strafing in either direction can also be achieved by holding down the right mouse-button and using the turn keys (A, D, Left and Right Arrows).

Combat Movement Effects

When players move in combat, they are granted both bonuses and weaknesses depending on the type of movement. For example, a player moving forward will gain a 10% damage increase (both melee and spell) for a few seconds, but will lose 20% physical and magical defense. The table below lays out bonuses and weaknesses.

                Forward                  Sideways                   Backward
Image:Combat-movement-forward.jpg Image:Combat-movement-left-right.jpg


10% (All) Damage Increase

+500 Parry

+500 Block

+300 Evasion

-20% Physical Defense

-20% Magical Defense

-70% Physical Damage

-40% Movement Speed

-70% Physical Damage

-20% Movement Speed


Movement thread

You can start discussing Movement by clicking the POST button below.



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