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Legions are a group of people associated by name and goal. They are the equivalent of guilds, brotherhoods, and kinships.

How to Create a Legion Upon reaching level 10 the player must first visit the guild registrar, in the main capital for their race. It will require 10,000 Kinah. They must pick out a name for their Legion at this time.

Legion Emblems Legion Emblems can be crafted by selecting a pre-set picture and modifying the background color. Upon reaching guild level 3, players will be able to upload their own design for an emblem and display it on the cloaks and shields of those within the legion.

Contribution Points & Rewards Contribution points are the sum total of all the abyss points gained by every member within the legion. They do not decrease when a member leaves, and are a permanent footprint of the legion's total contribution to the efforts of your faction. Contribution points are used as a benchmark to level up legions, and places the legion in a ranking on the legion leaderboards.

Below are the requirements&benefits of the multiple Legion levels.

  Kinah Cost Requirements BenefitsLevel 1  10,000 NoneLegion Established. Legion Chat enabled. 30 Members allowed. Level 2  100,000 10 Members Use of Pre-set Emblem Generator. Access to Legion Shield & Small Abyss Cannon. 60 Members allowed. Level 3  1,000,000 30 Members, 20,000 Contribution Points  Ability to upload personal Legion emblem. Access to Medium&Large Kisks, Large Abyss Cannon. 90 Members allowed.










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