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At level 10 the player completes a quest-line allowing him to ascend to the rank of Daeva. The player is granted their first set of wings, which are maintained as the default wings when no other wings are equipped in the wing equipment slot.

Flying Key Binds

Take Off Page Up
Land Page Down
Ascend R
Descend F
Glide Spacebar


Flight Time

Base flight time starts at 1 minute, and that base amount of one minute will never increase as one levels. However, there are various ways to extend flight time. With the use of equipment, wings, food buffs, flight potions, and buffs, flight time can be vastly expanded beyond its 1 minute base. Gliding also prolongs the use of flight. While gliding in a flight zone, the flight meter takes twice as long to drain. Image:Flight-potion.jpg

Flight Zones

Flight zones are limited to specific areas in the outer crust of the world. Each major city of every zone has flight capability granted through the shard of the tower of eternity hovering above. The Abyss however is the exception to the rule. The entire abyss allows flight everywhere. The same restrictions apply as if any normal flight zone.

Aerial Combat

Aerial combat allows for another axis of combat, it does however come with advanced perks.      Strengths     Every class has specific buffs gained when they take flight to increase their battle potential. In addition, players are granted access to special flight-specific abilities, such as "Throw Dagger" and "Napalm."     Weaknesses    While in flight, defense is lowered and certain the abilities cannot be used, such as aerial shackle and teleport abilities (Ambush, Dimensional Door)   

Flight Rings

Inside the Abyss, there are Rings that players can fly through to regenerate their flight time meters. Each pass through the ring will grant the player 7 seconds of flight time.


Where players cannot fly, they can always Glide. Gliding is an action in which the player will use their wings to glide slowly toward the ground while moving forward. See Gliding.


Flight thread

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