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Asmodian Gear for Elyos thread



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hmm help


how I mast open doors in there there are 3 doors and I cant open them I have killed 2 boss and one of them droped key what now? I cant open it ??

<div class="sig-user">Gigi92</div> <div class='sig-date'>03:03, 10 June 2010 (MST)</div>

To obtain the Slain Archon sets, you must enter the instance, and check the three marked locations on the map below. Each time you enter the instance the shugo has a rare chance to spawn. That being said, it will rarely be spawned, but when spawned it will be in one of three locations.
Once you find the shugo, it's simply a matter of purchasing the items from them, as the shugo is a vendor.
<div class="sig-user">Puma</div> <div class='sig-date'>07:26, 2 July 2010 (MST)</div>

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