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Get ready for the new Aion!

Aion's graphics are insanely good!  But soon they will be mind boggling good, with better gameplay to boot!

What can you expect in this new Aion?

Better lighting, better graphics, bigger monsters, mounts, underwater action, twice larger fields, and player housing, among many other upgrades. Stay tuned for more.


You can power level to 50 quicker than ever!
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Cool new articles

Cool new tools

Aion Dredgion
Learn all about this exciting end-game battleship.

Aion Stigma Calculator
Plan and save your character stigmas!

Aion Godstones
Godstones are rare level 30+ manastones.

Aion Manastone Calculator
Updated for every class and manastone in Aion.

New sites

Featured legion

Tower of Aion
Our sister site launched!
Aion Divinity Asmodian Legion

Contact us to feature your legion!


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How to Kill Gold Spammers!

Tired of gold spammers flooding your chat? Looking for a way to get rid of them? Here is a video showing you how to do it!



The moment we've all been waiting for has finally arrived!! Drop what you are doing, call in sick to school or work for the week. It's GO TIME!

Aion launched Sep 22 2009 as the first real World of Warcraft competitor!

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