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| <center>'''After'''</center>
| <center>'''After'''</center>
| [[Image:Skin-remodel-before.jpg]]  
| [[Image:Skin-remodel-before.jpg|x657px]]  
| [[Image:Skin-remodel-after.jpg|306x665px]]
| [[Image:Skin-remodel-after.jpg]]

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Aggregation, or Skin Remodeling is the process of combining two items into one by taking the appearance of one item, and maintaining the stats /effects of another. The only items that currently cannot be skin remodeled are extended weapons. All other peices of equipment, including jewelry can be skin remodeled.

How to Skin Remodel

Skin Remodeling is open to all players level 30 and up. This is done in the main city at the item enhancement shop next to the godstone enhancer.

Skin Remover

Aggregated Items can be restored to their original graphic by using a "Pattern Remover," available for purchase from the "Remodeled Items" vendor near the Aggregation store.


Appearance Items

Refer to Appearance Items.




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