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Our EU Division (Asmodian): [Aionsource thread] http:  v1.theaionwiki.com _ rsrc 1251875072731 aion legions elyos xen of onslaught xoo  basey

Timezone: US, EU, Oceanic About Us: Xen of Onslaught strives to enhance and enrich the online gaming experience for adults through the use of actively supported forums, voice communications and dedicated game servers. There are several hundred members in our community and we are all about PvP.

Xen is a PvP focused guild, however we plan to engage in every aspect of the game. Xen of Onslaught is a respected adult multi-gaming guild with over 1,000 members currently spanning several gaming fronts including: Warhammer, Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, RFO, AION, and COD4. We are a be all, end all guild that will fit every one of your guild needs for AION and the many games to come. A community of adult veteran players we will revel in power through tactical superiority, military might and experience.

Our AION Division has been preemptively built to offer the most support for the upcoming game. Feel free to drop into our forums and introduce yourself, we're a pretty friendly bunch. If you think you have what it takes to join us on our crusade for pure domination then give us a look. We are active in posting on our forums and in ventrillo hosting a 250+ person server with plenty of people online at ALL times. 

We are Xen of Onslaught...prepare for war and let the onslaught begin! link to the aionsource is : [[1]] link to forums are : [[2]


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