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<em>Race:</em> <strong>Asmodian </strong><em>Server:</em><strong> Siel </strong><em>Location:</em> <strong>United States </strong><em>Playstyle:</em> <strong>PvP/PvE/Raid semi-hardcore, casual </strong><em>Website:</em> [<strong>www.warshadows.net</strong> ] About Us War Shadows was founded by a small group of friends who wanted to get together to form a new legion in Aion. During the Aion open beta, we have grown to about 50 members. As long-time MMO players, we have experience in WoW, EQ2, Guild Wars, Rappelz, Age of Conan, EVE, LoTRO, Lineage 2, Vanguard, and Warhammer. We enjoy having a good time with fellow guild (legion) mates while striving to be the best players we can in order to experience as much of the game content as possible (including both PvE and PvP). 

Recruitment We are still considering members for recruitment, so interested players may fill out an application [[1]]. We ask that players in the legion be mature and work cooperatively to learn as much of the game/class mechanics as possible. We expect members to be considerate of each other and other players. We plan on creating a core group (or groups) of the best players in the legion for more hardcore PvP and PvE experiences as time goes on. We won't be enforcing a minimum amount of playtime, but we expect people to play enough to be able to participate in legion raid events, fortress take-overs, etc.

<strong>Rules </strong>Our legion rules can be found [[2]] and must be agreed to by all members. <strong>Questions?</strong> If you have any questions or if you'd like to apply, please inquire at [[3]].

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