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Verity is an MMO gaming guild established on August 23, 2003.  We have a solid core of mature, like-minded individuals who share similar playstyles and interests, most of which have been gaming together for years.  

We're unique in the sense that we've successfully maintained two different aspects to our guild: the raiding side and the laid back side.  Our raiding satisfies our desire to progress through end-game content in a steady and cordial manner while still enjoying the company of friends and family that do not have the time to raid. The result is a guild environment that is enjoyable, drama-free and tight-knit.

Our Philosophy


Verity's core philosophy lies in the belief of "quality over quantity" when it comes to our members.  Keeping to this philosophy has not only created our strong foundation, but it has contributed greatly to our success and longevity.  Verity firmly believes that its members should have real lives outside of the game and inside the game they should be skilled, respectful, demonstrate maturity and have an amiable personality.



Verity is guided by a hands-on guild council made up of 2 guild leaders and the officers.  Our officers are chosen for, and bring with them, valuable skills both in-game and out. They've demonstrated their leadership skills and their concern for the guild's well-being. The guild council works closely together to devise fair and logical systems, and whenever possible, systems where each member determines his or her own outcome. 



The average age of Verity's member base ranges from the mid-20s to 30-somethings. Most work or go to school full time, and many have families or other real life responsibilities. Verity has also attracted a good number of couples, family members and RL friends.  Inviting friends and family in tandem with our careful recruiting practices has produced a desirable guild culture full of camaraderie.

How to Join


If you're interested in becoming a part of Verity please visit our guild website at [[3]] and complete a confidential online application.  To learn more about us we recommend participating on our forums and stopping by our IRC channel at [[4]]#Verity ( [[5]] ).  If you have questions you can contact us through our website or visit our IRC channel.



Verity is officially an EST guild, however, there are no time zone restrictions. Please keep in mind that when Verity raids it's generally through the week around 7:30 PM. 


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