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We are a really friendly, English speaking legion that likes to have fun together & actively use Ventrilo both for our missions together & some friendly banter. Our varied members range from the very casual who only log in when they can, to the hardcore crew who are online every single day! We believe that building rapport & communication with others is important & also the key to success upon the battlefield. Most importantly we understand that we play AION in order to enjoy ourselves, escape from Real Life & for the opportunity to meet & befriend like-minded individuals from a variety of countries & cultures throughout the whole of Europe.   We believe that ALL our members are equal regardless of how often they log on. We make no demands upon our members only that they treat others with the same respect that they expect to receive themselves whenever they play. Most importantly, we want them to laugh & be merry as we all believe that members who laugh together will also win together!      Our Aims:   

  • To work together in achieving our goals.
  • To be consistently victorious over our enemies.
  • To make new friends from all over Europe & from all walks of life.
  • Most importantly to have fun together!


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