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http: _ rsrc 1253994482102 aion legions asmodian twilight guardian twilight Twilight GuardiansA guild, formerly known as Blades of Burning Shadows, whose core consists of long time friends coming from Guild Wars, is a new Asmodian guild, preparing to enter the world of Aion. Guild is based in European time zones and is hardcore/casual minded. Elitism is something that isn't wanted here at all, we want all of our members to be friends with eachother and do quests, PvP, raids and other game content together.  We roll on Gorgos.Guild leadership consists of players with long gaming history and experience with leading guilds for a long time. We try to keep everyone in guild involved in important guild decissions as often as possible, thus you won't get a dictating leader who always thinks he's right and that it can only be the way he thinks it is - no, everyone is equal and as important as everyone else.The only real requirements for guild are activity and age of 16+, due our experience with players below that age in past, we agreed to enforce a rule to consider only players of age 16 and above, as those under too often have problems with adapting to teams and listening to orders of team leader.


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