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The name of the legion is actually much, much shorter: Truth

Truth was formed in late 2003 and spent several years playing Lineage 2 on the Devianne server. Our motto in Lineage 2 was Play the game. Don't let the game play you! We did not allow botters and ebayers in our clan. Sure, we had a couple of people who broke the rules - but they were quickly taken care of.

I won't lie to you - we were not the most powerful clan in Lineage 2. However, we were arguably the most respected. We had to create no less than 5 sub-clans to hold all the people who wanted to join Truth.

We have a lot of fun, and we don't back down from anything. We always have a lively vent . . and since we own the 24-HR Gaming Network, our websites are second to none.

By joining Truth, you are committed to having fun . . . plain and simple. If you'd like more information about us, don't hesitate to ask. You can post here or in our announcement thread at our Aion website at [Truth - a Legion from Lineage 2 - 24-HR Aion Community]. Truth will be playing on Triniel.


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