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http: _ rsrc 1252602191847 aion legions undecided faction torm s super awesome guild torms [[1]So, what would I like this guild to be about? I'm so glad you asked. I am an avid gamer with a casual gamer mindset.

I play games to have fun, not to stroke my ego or to be super uber elite. As most of you well know the ego that I appear to have on this forum is nothing more than a mockery and is all in the spirit of fun. To start off with, we are nothing more than a community of like minded gamers. Be that gaming on the PC, console, handheld, or a toaster oven. This is a place where people can come together and game together no matter what that game may be. I would like to start a guild with the casual gamer in mind, a place where like minded people can gather under a guild tag to accomplish individual or group goals. I would like this guild to be for those gamers that don't really care about a lot of bullshit rules or politics. This will be a guild where the gamer will be allowed to play the game how he or she sees fit and will not have his or her character build regulated by some make believe gaming police department that is under the delusion of thinking they know what's best for everyone.


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