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Background - <The Days Of Grays> Is Mainly a casual legion based on the "Spatalos" Server in retail release which was created on the Thor Server During Open Beta By Members "Judgy" "Wickerman" and "Hertzer". We have a full 30 Members already however upon reaching a lvl 2 legion rank we shull be looking for new members.

Aims - <The Days Of Grays> aims to create a friendly enviroment for all players who wish to join wheather they are looking to Hardcore PvP or Just Mess Around in the game world, However Max level and Great PvP'ing will be our ultimate goals.

WebSite - [Currently Under Construction]

Contact Information (Ingame) - On Spatalos Server Contact either "Judgy","Judgie" / "Wickerman" Or "Hertzer"

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