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<h1> Meet the Contributers! </h1> <ul><li>If you are a contributer to this page, let the community know who you are!* </li></ul> <p>Introducing: </p> <h2> The Knight Templar </h2> <p>I am the Knight Templar, a pleasure to meet all of you fellow guys and gals who love Aion. I come to you as a long time gamer. You might say I am the epitome of the term "Old School". I have been gaming since I was ten years old (that was back in 1979) when I began my pen and paper adventures with my favorite TSR product: Gamma World. For the last thirty years I have been GMing and playing an uncountable amount of pen and paper roleplaying games, then arcade games, home arcade games and of course finally computer games including MMOs. Here is kind of a short list of games from history of game playing: Dungeons &amp; Dragons, Gamma World, Boot Hill, Vampire the Masquerade, Exalted, Champions, DC Heroes,Marvel RPG, Many Avalon Hill titles, Tempest, Zaxxon, Qix, Colecovision games, Nintendo (original system) games, Commodore 64 (including Zork), All Sim City titles, All Civilization titles, All Total War titles, and many, many more and as for MMOs: Beta-ed and played MU Online, Lord of the Rings Online, WoW, Guild Wars, City of Heroes/Villains, Eve Online, Cities XL and Aion Currently playing: Aion, City of Heroes and Cities XL So this is the perspective I bring you. I hope you will find my contributions enlightening, provacative or at the very least interesting. I hope you enjoy what you read. </p><p>So Mote it Be. The Knight Templar </p>