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The Sacred AllianceServer: ZikelFaction: ElyosType: semi-hardcore PvPVentrilo: 200 slot serverWebsite: [[2]] This legion is starting from scratch at the launch of Aion. We are a hardcore PvP legion and we are all family in this guild, we treat each other with respect at all times and value each other's opinions. We do love to joke and to have fun, but we are serious when we need to be. Constructive criticism will be given to thsoe that need it, we want everyone to accell in pvp. Our main focus at first will be leveling, once we reach the higher levels we will start focusing on PvP, PvPvE, and PvE. We aim to be the best and we aren't stopping until we get there!
    We only ask that you:
    • Respect others and follow the rules.
    • participate in 70% of legion activities sieges pvp etc.
    • help the legion out when you can.
    • maintain a high level and level consistantly.
    • respectfully post in the MIA forum when you will not be around.
    • Must be mature!


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