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Multi-Game guild

Current Other Games:  World of Warcraft - Eredar (Alliance) World of Warcraft - Thrall (Horde) Lord of the Rings Online - Elendilimir  Warhammer - Phoenix Throne - (Order) Age of Conan-Cimmeria

Past Games:  Star Wars Galaxies  Final Fantasy XI  Vanguard: Saga of Heroes  Pirates of the Burning Sea Battlefield 2  Counter-Strike: Source  Team Fortress 2  Americas Army 


The Guardians are a Multi-Game Community. More than a guild, more than an organization, we are a family. Our many members make up our fine divisions, while some stick around for the company having moved on from gaming or patiently waiting something new. We look for Mature Gamers looking for more than just a Guild or Clan, but a second home, a place of security from your real life troubles. We are a dedicated guild who likes to accomplish as much as possible in any game we pursue. Yet at the same time we understand that everyone has a life outside of the game and has to leave during events or can not make a lot of things. Thats where we try to be organized and structured enough where those wanting to go far in pve advancement can accomplish this, those wanting to go far in pvp can accomplish this, and those who have limited play time can still accomplish a lot with the help of the guild.

The Guardians, formed in 2001, in anticipation of the game Star Wars Galaxies, as a long and honorable history. From forming the first Rebel Guild Hall on the Starsider Server in SWG to having the player voted best City on the Server in SWG, to the first Guild through Molten Core on Eredar in WoW, to clearing Carn Dum on Elendilmir in LotRO, The Guardians hope to continue this accomplished history well into Aion. 

If you are looking for a Mature Gaming Community that caters to both the semi-hardcore and casual and will be taking steps forward into both the pve and pvp aspects of Aion then look no further than The Guardians. 

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