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The Templar is the behemoth of Aion, able to survive punishment like no other. Templars are able to wear the heaviest of armor, specialize in using shields and are granted the skills necessary to avoid death for extensive periods of time. 
Templars are designed to be the tank class in Aion. With their heavy armor, shield prowess, threat generation and array of defensive skills, a Templar is obscenely difficult to eliminate. Templars are also proficient in using a wide variety of weapons. They're given a medium variety of offensive-based abilities as well, ranging from a temporary damage increase to abilities to destroy the target's defenses to assist in the carnage. Templars, in addition, are given a few utility-based skills to assist in keeping the target close and increasing run speed momentarily to escape enemies. 
A Templar is highly-sought for their ability to take little damage while instigating massive amounts of hate toward them. This warrior is the front line of most adventuring parties, taking the punishment while assisting others in dealing it. If the need should arise, the Templar is practiced in killing all his own. 
Weapon Proficiencies: 

One-handed Sword, One-handed Mace, Two-Handed Sword, Dagger

Armor Proficiencies:

Cloth Armor, Leather Armor, Chain Armor, Plate Armor, Shield

Templar Strengths:

High HP, High Armor, Shield Usability, High Survivability, Some Utility

Templar Weaknesses:

No Ranged Ability, Moderate Damage


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