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We were once united as brothers in arms living in harmony, till the day the Dragon Lords and there so called army of Balaur’s came to use for war. They demanded for us to give up our gods power for them. We fought and fought but still there was no sign of the end of the war. We believed it was time for us to put our swords down, put away our differences and to make a treaty of peace with this evil. But they didn’t believe as we did, the Asmodians filled with hatred about of idea to end the war. But still the treaty went on. No one knows what really happened that day, why the Dragon Lords destroyed the tower all we knew was that a lot of blood was shed that day. With the fall of the tower and the sacrifices made that day, the Balaur where now gone and so were our brothers. After that we lived a new life free of the evil finally, but something happened a rift in space to another world appeared. With it came our brothers the ones who messed everything up destroyed the world we once loved and with them came the Balaur. We could stand by and let these things that we once called brothers come and destroy what we worked so hard to rebuild. No not again, never. That’s why we came together to fight for a cause we believe in to protect our world from the likes of the Balaur and the Asmodians, This is our home and we will not let them take it. We are the protectors of the light, we are Salvation, join us in hand and fight for your cause.   <html xmlns:jot="">[Site]</html>



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