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[File:Http://]Rest in Pieces Zikel (NA) Asmodian Legion

Good Evening!

I am Sedge, current GM of Rest in Pieces. We are made up of players from a multitude of MMOs, and have since developed close friendships within our community over the years. With the release of Aion, many of us have become intrigued with new opportunities, and have opted to branch out into a new environment.

We pride ourselves on:
  • -A casual, welcoming atmosphere -Strong desire to progress and succeed -Equality and fairness across the board -Democratic leadership -An 'employed' member base -Sarcastic humor & teasing -A strong sense of loyalty and commitment
"Casual to Semi-hard; aka- Skilled Casual"

We are looking for like-minded players who are interested in joining a community, where you are recognized as an individual, merely than a number or "stat". A place where your number of "Good Afternoons" may be just as important as your damage points. We like to know our members, laugh, and have a good time after a day's work. We also like to kill bosses and opposing faction players skillfully & without headache. I know it's asking for much, trying to have our cake and eat it too, but we've done good so far. Intelligent, skilled players who care about their community, and thus, it cares for them in return.

I could rant on all the other fun guild attributes that you'd see on every other guild recruitment page, but I'm sure you're tired of wading through the same BS. I've chosen to skip all that nonsense.

About myself, because the GM of a guild is role which can make or break any guild-

Avid MMO player for years, some were good, and some were horrible. I've always taken an interest in the guild leadership aspect of online gaming, and the societies in which circle it. If I could name my most dominant strength, I would have to say it's my sense of equality. I am huge on rewarding what is earned and providing opportunities to everyone. I believe each player has an equal chance to succeed, and it only lies upon them to make that decision. Action are louder than words. My biggest weakness? Being the bad guy. Sometimes it's rough handing out the consequences to good people when it's needed. It's something I've been working on, and I believe I'm getting better.

I think that in order to have a successful guild, players have to respect one another and enjoy the company they keep. This applies 10x to the guild leader, as this role supports the guild, gives it direction, and ties it together. Thus my self-bio.

If anyone has any questions or is interested in any aspects of the guild, by all means shoot me an email at [[1]] . Generally, my policies, thoughts, and methods on guilds can be found at [[2]].


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