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http:  v1.theaionwiki.com _ rsrc 1253050923546 aion legions asmodian qqmoar AION_qqmoar QQMOAR, an international Asmodian Legion

- Server: Votan DE

- Faction: Asmodian

- Guild: QQmoar

- Forum: [[1]]

- Language: German (main), English, French, Luxembourgish

- Contact persons: Bibop/Grendizer/Uncle/Charodei

More about us.

QQmoar was formed in August 2009.

The purpose of the guild is various. We don't have a set goal, 1st things 1st...get lvl 50 check endgame

content...some of us focus on pve other on pvp.

The core of QQmoar is made of people from Luxembourg. We won't decide everything on our own, but will

include every member of the guild...as far as there are any things to be decided.

Most of us speak German, English and French, so if you are looking for an international Guild hop in!

We do not encourage any kind of missbehavior like spamming or insulting people (general/trade/legion). Of

course some insulting in a creative way is tolerated and welcomed^^

What you can expect from us:

- We offer a safe environment for your character. Gonna get ganked by some lame Elyos...well be assured we will come and rip their heads apart.

- Most of us are far behind 25 years...OH DEAR...so you can expect "less" childish behaviour, but this won't mean we won't fool around - in fact...we gonna be worse.


- We already have a Teamspeak server and we gonna use it while in-game.

- Taken together, we offer a semi-active guild with members having experience in other mmo games, who seek a new challenge without too much time dedication but with goals both in pve and pvp. Things can change while progressing, but let's take the 1st step and get level 50.


- Most of us speak german, english, french. Even if german will be the main language in-game we/you may use other language as long as noone gets excluded.

We are looking for serious people from all over Europe.

Currently recruiting:

Every class is welcome at the moment. So don't be shy make your application and hopefully we meet ingame.

This is what we require from our applicants and members:

- Beeing helpful will suffice and maybe a small amount of matureness (we will have our fun, but problems

and such will be discussed in a serious matter, no QQing or whatsoever)

- Beeing able to join teamspeak and have a chat with us. Don't be shy.

- We do have jobs, rl and huge honey-do-lists so we aren't a hardcore 24/7 legion.

So there's no forced ontime nor pressure that will likely make you loose your job, rl and gf :p

It's pretty ok if you are semi-active. We won't be the hardcore guild. Of course you won't be needed if you join every week for an hour. There should be some contribution to the legion and their members.


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