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Asmodian PvPvE Legion


Server: Zikel Legion Leader: Stacey & Kim [In Game] Website: [[1]]

We are well aware that Zikel is an East Coast Server, however, we will be the first West Coast Legion on it. Hence, we will be suitable for individuals who live on the West Coast or people whom just like doing things a little later in the evening (after work, ect.).


We are avid gamers who have tried and were highly successful on...well, just about everything. (( WoW, FFXI, AoC, WAR, CoH/CoV, DaoC, GW )) We were co-leaders of a successful endgame PvE guild on World of Warcraft for over 3 years. We ran a linkshell in Final Fantasy 11 Online for 2 years. After many trials, tribulations and ultimately...successes, we have decided to take our expertise and divulge ourselves in the new and spectacular world of Aion.

We have participated since CB3 all the way up to Open Beta. We currently lurk on the forums but find ourselves reading more than we post. :)


Ultimately, we want to focus on The Abyss. However, we also want to focus on Dungeons. Our raiding times are not yet set in stone, however, we normally do things on the later ends of the day. The schedule will be announced soon.

We expect all members to be respectful. We expect everyone to contribute to the legion warehouse. We expect everyone to read up on their classes. If you have questions do not be afraid to ask. Our legion is here to help you succeed as an individual so that we may all succeed as a unit.


Currently all classes are open.

Our legion will be recruiting a MAXIMUM of 24 players to form an ELITE 24man cell. The cell is divided into 4, 6man squads. Each has its own tank, healer, support, and of course damage dealers/DPS. Each with its own squad leader. So our objective in recruiting is to fill every position with a skilled, reliable, and intelligent player.

Upon release, all legion members will be subjected to a (2) Week trial period, in which they will be judged based on gameplay, friendliness, behavior, contributions, skill and ability to follow our rules. We are an 18+ Legion but prefer applicants to be 21+ if possible.

For more information please visit our website - [Website]


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