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What are manastones, anyway?

Manastones are a central part of Aion's player customization system. Manastones are used to socket equipment with various extra stats that the player chooses. The amount of manastones applicable to equipment is based on how many sockets the individual piece of gear has. The customization granted with manastones allows for limitless combinations and setups; combining, enhancing, or creating new stats to builds entirely.


Manastone Size Restrictions

As well as the number of slots a piece of equipment allows, it also has a socket size. Socket size is directly related to the level

requirement of the armor/weapon. Manastones are also given a tier based on the general level rating of the manastone. You cannot socket manastones into gear on a lower tier than the manastone.

Manastones come from...

Manastones are dropped as loot, and are rewards from quests.

Rare-Quality Manastones

Rare-quality manastones are advanced versions of basic manastones, which have higher stats. Rare-quality manastones also

include unique types of stones that don't have a prior appearance, such as flight time, fear resist, magical accuracy, and magic resist.

Manastone Removal

For a small fee, a Manastone Remover in almost every town can remove manastones from weapons and armor. This allows players to remove one specific manastone or all manastones from an item so they can be replaced with others.


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