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http: _ rsrc 1252038408272 aion legions asmodian lunacy lunacy [[1]] So you are interested in the Lunacy Legion? Well we could definitely be interested in you. Lunacy Legion will be playing on the Asmodean side of the Zikel server on Open Beta and likely for release. A little bit about us.

We have our roots deeply founded in World of Warcraft. Our founding members and officers have raiding experience dating back to Molten Core and BWL with some back all the way to the EverQuest days. Most of us having been playing together for 3+ years at this point and we function very well as a team. That being said, we have a strong legacy, one in which we intend to protect and maintain. We will deny an amazing application if we feel your personality and play style will not mesh well with ours. We feel that it is for the benefit of both parties involved.

Class needs are posted on the main page, however we are always accepting applications from exeptional applicants. Consider your application your first impression with us as that is exactly what it is. The application process is designed to be a bit of an idiot check, one if which you fail we will not even bother wasting our time to read your application so make sure you pay attention to the directions and follow them closely. Don't waste our time, and we won't waste yours.

In Aion we intend to maintain our casual schedule with the hardcore mentality and organization. We don't like to take up everyone's time as we understand people have real lives and we enjoy ours as well. But when its time to raid or play, we come prepared and we mean business. Lapses in sanity and judgment, drama and immaturity, and failure to follow orders and simple directions are the fastest ticket out of town with us.

If you are still interested, please feel free to head on over to the recruitment forums and apply.


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