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<h3 style="font-weight:normal">Legion Of The Red Dragon aka LORD </h3>Introduction We are an Asmodian Legion on the Triniel server. LORD is a legion comprised of players who are both hardcore and casual players. Our primary goal is to act as a family and enjoy our lives in Aion as much as possible with as little drama as possible. Our members will never be expected to put real life aside for the game. We understand that you are here for fun and that it is not a job. We work together and help each other achieve our own goals. We do not however help players so that they can leave our legion and go elsewhere. Our members are members for life. We are a family and we stick together.

Our Goals

<ul><li>Destroy Elyos</li><li>Destroy the Balaur</li><li>Improve our characters in every way possible</li><li>Experience all aspects of the game</li><li>Explore all game content that is available</li><li>Increase guild rank to the best of our abilities</li><li>Be the best guild in Aion</li><li>HAVE FUN</li></ul>Leadership Our Lordmaster is a highly experienced MMO player with numerous roles in guild management. He has appointed officers to aid him in his role as guild leader. These officers work to constantly improve the guild and take feedback from our members. The officers and guild leader make up a council. This council ensures that all members of the legion enjoy the game, as well as their time with us. They also ensure that all aspects of the legion are fair and entertaining. Every decision is made for the good of the legion.

General Info

Guild Leader: Lordmaster Guild Communication: Website, Forums, Vent, In-game chat Faction: Asmodian Server: Triniel Focus: PvE and PvP Recruitment: Open but selective Website: [[1]]

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