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Kozen's Aion Guide is actually 10 Aion guides in one!

  • Level up more quickly by following the Elyos and Asmodian leveling guides
  • Make more money with the Kinah guide
  • Survive in the Abyss by reading the Abyss and PvP guides
  • Read about all 10 guides below

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10 Aion Guides in One

Know everything about Aion, from leveling to making money, in the Kozen Aion Guide.

Asmodian Leveling 1-50 Guide

The Asmodian Leveling Guide shows the fastest way to level up from 1 to 50 with full maps and many screenshots. The guide focuses less on grinding and more on questing.

Elyos Leveling 1-50 Guide

The Elyos Leveling Guide is the same as the Asmodian leveling guide, but written for the Elyos.

Kinah (Gold) Guide

The Kinah guide shows how to make money using the auction house and private stores in Aion.

Abyss Guide

The Aion Abyss guide clearly describes the secrets of hunting and surviving PvP in the Aion Abyss. It also covers fortresses, artifacts, Abyss points and Abyss ranks.

PvP Guide

The PvP (player-vs-player) guide shares strategies and tactics in all areas of Aion, especially the Abyss.

Crafting Guide

The Aion crafting guide shows how and where to gather crafting ingredients.

Godstone, Manastone and Enchantments guide

Learn all about the coveted Godstones and which manastones and enchantments are most valuable.

Stigma guide

Discover stigmas and learn which combination is best for your character.

Flight guide

The flight guide shares all the secrets of flight in Aion, in combat and when adventuring.

Rifting guide

Discover the nuances of the Aion rifts, how to avoid attacks from rifts and how to launch attacks against the other faction.

Title guide

The Aion title guide describes how titles in Aion are different than in most games, and how they provide useful bonuses to give you that extra edge.

Constant Updates and Member Forum

The Kozen guide is constantly being updated and offers free updates for all members. Members also enjoy exclusive access to the Kozen Aion forum with videos and discussions about the guide and about Aion.

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