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Level Requirement:
Level 30 or higher

Server: Ariel

Contact Phedre, Epo, Kasmo, or Blackmagicman if you have any questions and/or are interested in joining.

IceyWinter is a new legion seeking friendly, kind members that are willing to help the legion as a whole to achieve greatly. We are both PvP and PvE orientated, though at the current time our main focus is contributing to the abyss, in anyway possible. and we will be attending fortress battles as often as possible. We'll also be focusing on leveling all of our members so to help strengthen our endeavours.

Our current members are experianced players, as the majority of us came over from the Inferno Legion, which was ranked 7 for several months, and even with no leader for a whole month managed to maintain rank 9. However, as our leader did part us, we have had to reform to regain our previous status.


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