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Legion Name: Hot Fuzz

Established: September 24, 2009

Website: [[1]]

We have Vent, too!

Server: Kaisinel (West)

Faction: Elyos

Legion Level: 2

Legion Commander: Nesaru (Cleric) Commander's Alts: Allegretto (Assassin)

Our Mission: We are a casual legion established to have a good social time while we level. We're all about firing arrows whilst jumping through the air or shooting spells into the sky while screaming "AHHHH!" Although older and mature casual players are preferred, we welcome all classes / levels who just want to have fun playing the game and chat it up with fellow gamers who're off the f***in' chain! To join the service (have to follow official vocab guidelines) of our legion of policeman officers, feel free to whisper anyone for an invite. Ranks have no place here; we're here to have fun! =D

Things to Know: All members are Centurions, granting them all full access to legion benefits. Keep this in mind should you join and decide to deposit things in our Legion Warehouse. Don't deposit anything you don't want to be treated as free game to everyone else. As such a rank system is set up, there are no officers in this legion other than Allegretto, technically, but older/mature players are preferred because they know that it's best to behave with a sense of general etiquette. In other words, if you're mature enough to know how to treat people and organizations you're a part of, then I shouldn't have to police you (no pun intended =p).


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