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Gano - Herb Gatherer, the once-assistant of Cornelius in Sanctum, he is well-traveled in Verteron, Eltnen, and Heiron and knows all the plants of Elysea.

He lives a semi-retired life in Verteron, surrounded by the plants he loves. He continues to dabble in writing and is also the author of "Profitable Herbs."

Aria--easy for beginners to gather these fragrant stalks. It grows well in open airy places. A principle ingredient in healing potions. Eating unprepared Aria may cause serious stomach problems.

Apple--grows abundantly on small bushes. Often found in forested areas. Easy to gather for beginners. Used in cooking.

Ormea--the fruit is used in cooking while its petals are used by dyers.

Betoni--Fresh Betoni is prized by Alchemists for its life giving properties.

Wiki--this wild small bush grows where other plants cannot and produces tasty fruit. Vibrant dyes have been made from its flowers.

Zeyla--prepared correctly, creates quite a sumptuous dish.

Triora--once domesticated and abundant in Heiron, it can still be occassionaly found wild in the ruins of the manor there. The roasted root is a cooking delicacy.

Ferilla--prized by Alchemists. Often used in conjunction with Griffonia. Fresh Ferilla fetches a higher price but is difficult to handle.

Griffonia--often used by Alchemists in conjuction with Ferilla. Gather Fresh Griffonia for the best results.

Lumesia--the fine little flowers of Fresh Lumesia is prized by Alchemists.

Twisp--Fess, Sobi, and Linon belong to the same plant family, but Twisp is the most widely used.

Kukuru--a common cooking ingredient.

Meon--often used in comedy routines. It is highly sought for dyers as well.

Fess--The tall white flowers emit a soft glow. Many gatherers prefer to collect them at night.

Linon--creates the finest cloth armor material because it absorbs sweat and protects the body.

Lunime--the golden fruit of this small tree is used in only the finest feasts and for dying the finest cloth.

Amalil--used by Alchemists to treat confused minds and strengthen minds.

Oat--a common cooking ingredient. Most people can prepare a simple meal from Liguri.

Rubus--most people find the juice preferable to the raw fruit.

Zigi--dig deep to collect all of this large bulb. Best when cooked whole.

Umblia--this subtle fruit when prepared correctly can make a strikingly colorful presentation. Magic weilding Alchemists seem to always need the small star-shaped seeds of this plant.

Perer--the most exotic and sought after of all Elyos plants.

Dado--this tuber is easily gathered. The potato is a food staple of many households.

Tange--the lovely color of this fruit has led many a dyer to raid the kitchens of Sanctum.

Rubashi--while the roots and leaves grow bigger, only the stalks of this wild plant are edible.

Sobi--the fine threads of these puff ball flowers can be spun into Tailoring material or woven into fabric.

Ervio--the vivid blue color of the fruit is prized for some very exotic dyes. A skilled chef can cause other colors to emerge from the fruit.

Targena--its squat trunk hold the essence that Alchemists prefer as a cure all.

Caprauna--useful in a multitude of ways, chefs are always finding new recipes for the fruit of this small plant.

Ruta--what else is there to say, everyone loves walnuts.


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