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NOTE: All The Aion Wiki editors, please read the following editing guidelines and follow them as best you can.<br>

Article Creation

When you create a new article keep a few things in mind:


  • Create short titles, one word (eg Dredgion) or a few words (eg Main Cities)
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word unless it has to be written in lowercase (eg eBay)
  • Search before creating a new page! (a similar article may already exist)


  • Categories are displayed in the navigation menu on the left<br>
  • An article should generally belong to only one category<br>
  • You may create a new category (by making up a category name)<br>
  • Assign a category/tag to an article to display it in the menu<br>
  • You can add categories directly to the top level menu on the left by assigning your article to category The Aion Wiki - Do not abuse this feature!<br>


Before saving double check your work

  • Your article may look differently than in the rich text editor when saved.&nbsp; Particularly, an ad is inserted by default in the top right corner.&nbsp; Use the show preview (alt+shift+p) function to see how the article will look like when saved.&nbsp; Scroll to the bottom to edit your text if necessary.<br>
  • Spell-check! (Firefox has a built-in spell checker that underlines mis-spelled words.)

Article Layout

A general The Aion Wiki article has the following layout.&nbsp; Please follow which ever parts of it that are appropriate to your article.<br>

  • An introduction or definition for the article.<br>
  • An ad on the top right (this is automatic).<br>
  • A table of contents.<br>
  • Sections explaining the topic and accompanying images or videos.<br>
  • Article category (visible in the top left in The Aion Wiki).<br>


Every article needsd an introductory paragraph before the first heading. Otherwise, the page starts with a Table of Contents!&nbsp; Usually the best introduction is a definition of the page topic.&nbsp; <br>

In Wikitext the definition is written like so: <pre>;my-definition: my-defintion-text </pre> eg See the introduction on the Dredgion page.

Say "The Aion Wiki"

Mention "The Aion Wiki" in appropriate places to help the article get indexed by Google.

For example, on the Dredgion page

Before<br>"When sieging or defending a fortress, the Balaur will..."

After<br>"When sieging or defending an Aion fortress in the Abyss, the Balaur will ..."


Add links to other pages as you write the article.

For example, we linked to the Abyss page in the above sentence by using the following Wikitext: <pre>Abyss</pre>


Create redirects for common mis-spellings

  • Move the page to every mis-spelling
  • Move it back to the correct spelling

eg Dredgeon now redirects to Dredgion

For more information on redirects visit Help:Redirects.


Always add a caption to your images.&nbsp; The caption should contain the most important keywords in-order.

eg on the Dredgion page we have the following image: <pre>Aion Dredgion Battleship</pre> The caption for the image includes Aion, then the article topic Dredgion, and then a breif discription of the image content.<br>

Rich text editor<br>

You have two main ways to edit The Aion Wiki articles: using wikitext and using the rich text editor (WYSIWYG).&nbsp; <br>

Unless you are an expert at using our wiki's we recommend you use the default Rich Text editor.&nbsp; You can easily click the "Wikitext" button on the toolbar and edit in any wikitext you'd like.&nbsp; Some HTML is also supported when you write Wikitext.<br>

The Rich Text editor toolbar<br>

The most important buttons on the rich text editor are the following:<br>

  • Wikitext: click to edit the article in wikitext mode.<br>
  • Format: the format of the text lets you specify section headings (Heading 2), subheadings (Heading 3) and other text. &nbsp;<br>
  • Templates: the templates button lets you use predefined templates to format your text. &nbsp;The recommended templates (if any) and their usage will be specified in this page.<br>
  • Categories: the categories button lets you add a category for the page your editing. &nbsp;Select from the list or type a new one.<br>
  • Special: the special tags button shows you a list of all special functions or plugins installed for the wiki, such as embedding youtube videos. <br>

Most of the other buttons will likely be important for you to write the article as well. &nbsp;They are fairly standard in usage.<br>


Wikitext is a powerful language used in all MediaWiki platforms such as Wikipedia. &nbsp;It is worthwhile to learn, but by no means necessary for editing articles on The Aion Wiki. &nbsp;Unfortunately, a few The Aion Wiki features can only be used from wikitext.<br>

The following links will help you learn Wikitext:<br>

Common questions:

Table of Contents

A table of contents is automatically created when the page has least four headings.

To manually place the table of contents, use wikitext as follows:



</pre> To remove the table of contents, use the following Wikitext:<br> <pre>


Subpage Listing

A subpage listing shows all the pages included in a category (i.e. lists all the pages under the menu item.)<br>

To add a subpage listing:

Using Rich Text editor:&nbsp;<br>

click special, select the ncl tag, and type in the category of the pages you want to show.&nbsp; (e.g. Category:FAQ.)<br>

Using Wikitext:<br> <pre>&lt;ncl&gt;Category:FAQ&lt;/ncl&gt;</pre> See it

If there are too many pages, use the compact mode <pre>&lt;ncl style="compact"&gt;Category:Legions&lt;/ncl&gt;</pre> See it<br>


Adding Images

Images need to be uploaded once before they can be used. Click on the upload button on the menu and follow instructions.

You can insert images by clicking the image button on the Rich Text editor and typing the image name, or by using wikitext.

Image Size

Size images only horizontally or vertically, not both, so that they look more consistent on the page. The wiki figures out the other size automatically.

Bad <pre></pre>

Good <pre></pre>

You can also size vertically (and let the width be figured out) <pre></pre> Image:Mana-potion.jpg

In many cases, the original-size image is easiest to read. Consider no resizing if possible.

Eg <pre>File:Mana-potion.jpg</pre> Image:Mana-potion.jpg<br>

Image Borders

To add an image border, surround all images with <pre>&lt;div class="borders"&gt;...&lt;/div&gt;</pre> Do not put this around each individual image, but around the entire block of images.

Alternatively, you can put a border around anything, images included, by placing your WikiText inside of the template border like so: <pre> this is my image </pre>

Finally, do note that WikiText ads borders automatically around images in a gallery or of style frame or thumb. For example, if you want to see a full size image my_image.jpg you'll write:

File:My image.jpg
This is my image

Please see Help:Images for more information.

Image Galleries

You are encouraged to make use of image galleries. You can define those by listing the images and captions inside a <nowiki><gallery></gallery></nowiki> tag like so: <pre><gallery> File:Mana-potion.jpg | Mana Potion File:Health-potion.jpg | Health Potion File:Healing-potion.jpg | Healing Potion File:Flight-potion.jpg | Flight Potion </gallery> </pre> &nbsp;<gallery> File:Mana-potion.jpg | Mana Potion File:Health-potion.jpg | Health Potion File:Healing-potion.jpg | Healing Potion File:Flight-potion.jpg | Flight Potion </gallery>

Please see Help:Images for more information.


For section headings use the format combo-box on the Rich Text editor's toolbar and select Heading 2.<br>

For subsection headings use Heading 3.<br>

Wikitext tips:<br>

Use == for section headings.

Use === for subsection headings.

HTML equivalent:<br> <pre>== This is &lt;h2&gt; ==

This is &lt;h3&gt;

This is &lt;h4&gt;

</pre> The page title is <nowiki><h1></nowiki> (there should only be one heading level 1).<br>

Clear Floating Images

Headings can clear floating images (meaning: you can have a section heading appear after an image instead of next to it) by surrounding the headings with <pre>&lt;div class="clear-headings"&gt;...&lt;/div&gt;</pre> For example, see the Godstones page.

Verify links

Look for red links (pages that don't exist).

Bad <pre>Refer to Obelisks&amp;Kisks for more information.</pre> Refer to Obelisks&amp;Kisks for more information.

Good <pre>Refer to Obelisks and Kisks for more information.</pre> Refer to Obelisks and Kisks for more information.

You may intentionally create bad links which tell other editors and yourself in the future that the linked page needs to be created.&nbsp; Follow the article naming guides for making up new articles.<br>


The Aion Wiki adds an ad automatically to the top right corner of the page.

If it interfers with your page layout you can remove it, but again, do not abuse it!&nbsp;&nbsp; If you must remove an ad, please substitute another.

To remove the default ad you must use Wikitext:<br> <pre>&lt; noad/&gt;</pre> (remove the space between "&lt;" and "noad")

728x90 Ad

<pre>&lt;showad adsize="leaderboard"/&gt;</pre> <showad adsize="leaderboard" /> <br>

300x250 Ad

<pre>&lt;showad adsize="average"/&gt;</pre> <showad adsize="average" /> <br> <div style="clear: both;">

160x600 Ad

<pre>&lt;showad adsize="skyscraper"/&gt;</pre> <showad adsize="skyscraper" /> </div>