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Server: Triniel Faction: Elyos Website: http://www.hallowedbane.com

Hallowed Bane is a guild full of friendly, helpful and quite frankly, uber players ;D The very foundation of our guild is a group of close-knit friends, both online and offline, all willing to support each other. We're recruiting friendly players who are into pvp with some pve thrown in. There is no age requirement, but maturity is a must.

We already have members from various parts of the world, but most of us are from NA and we are primarily an English speaking guild.  We constantly help each other out with quests, equips and crafting materials etc.  We use Teamspeak as a way of communicationg with each other whilst ingame, as well as the guild forum, where guild announcements are made.

We will be playing on Triniel server, so why not join in on the fun with us? For more info, or an invite, please visit the [Bane] website and leave a message in the Guest forum.  Alternatively, you can contact either Kreed, Shau or Beastbane ingame.


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