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http:  v1.theaionwiki.com _ rsrc 1251850085586 aion legions asmodian hakaishin hakaishan [[1]] <center><strong>Hakaishin Rules</strong> </center>1.)  For God's sake, have fun.  This is a game, never forget that.

2.)  The Hakaishin is an organization of adults, and hosts an age limit of <strong>18+ years</strong>.  This is not a reflection on the maturity of applicants, but the Hakaishin is a mature environment, and we want our members to feel comfortable.

3.)  All members must grant consent to obey strict orders in a controlled environment.

4.)  Be mindful that your actions reflect all of the Hakaishin, and conduct yourself accordingly.  You are expected to understand that the team is more important than the individual, and act in a manner that reflects this fact.

5.)  Maintain a desire to be the best player you can be.

6.)  Commit the time necessary to be competitive in end-game operations, to include raids and PvP.  Time recommended is an average of 15 hours a week at least (3 hours/5 days a week... not too much to ask).

8.)  GSC (voice client) download and participation is a requirement.  Interviews for applicants will be hosted in this fashion.

9.)  Forum registration and participation is a requirement.  Important legion and game information will always be posted here for review.  We require a post from each member (if only to let us all know they are still active) at least once a week.

10.)  Like all other professsional environments, you must be able to take constructive criticism.  We're all here to help and support one another to be the best possible players we can be.

11.)  The Hakaishin is a community, and requires its members to be social and willing to team up with other Hakaishin members.  You are bound to your unit, and they are bound to you.  You are brothers and sisters in arms.

12.)  Must have a main character, arch type, and profession chosen and willing to stick with it until max level (60 hours of hardcore gaming, 80 of casual gaming average) when Aion goes live prior to leveling alternate characters.

13.)  All members will maintain respect even for non-legion members and opponents.

14.)  Whining will not be tolerated.  We are a mature organization.

15.)  No exploiting/cheating/hacking/botting.  Immediate removal from our ranks if you perform any of these dishonorable acts, even only briefly.

16.)  Additional characters are accepted in the legion, however will not be assigned to a different unit (all alts are in the same unit as the primary).

17.)  Know that each unit MAY have specific rules that differ from one another, and it is the responsibility of each member to find out, know, and adhere to these rules.

18.)  Open communication is available between all ranks and units, however during activities, the chain of command must be enforced to provide order and direction.

19.)  Spamming on any account, be it voice, in game chat lines, or forums (Hakaishin or otherwise), is strictly prohibited.

20.)  In combat, <strong>WHETHER YOU LIKE YOUR SUPERIORS OR NOT</strong>, you are expected to obey their commands.  The Hakaishin acts on the basis of maturity, and this falls into the idea, "I don't have to like you to work well with you".  You can request to transfer units later - for the time being, do as your told.

21.)  If you have a complaint over a specific member of any Hakaishin unit (including your superiors), use the website's contact page.  This emails the Dictates themselves, and it is a confidential way to convey information to the Hakaishin leaders.

22.)  Hakaishin operations are for Hakaishin only.  Information leaks are prohibited.

23.)  While differing legions and units exist within the Hakaishin, the ranks carried are universal, as we are all Hakaishin.  You are expected to respect and obey the leaders of allied units as you would your own (while your immediate superior's commands hold priority).

24.)  For large-scale engagements (Battalion-scale or larger), certain jargon is used to minimize the chaos of the chat and voice, to provide order and direction.  This jargon is a requirement while in large-scal engagements.  A list of this jargon will be posted on the main Hakaishin site for all members to familiarize themselves with.

25.)  Abide by all other expectations and by-laws as outlined by your superiors.

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