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<br> Partying

Partying is a vital technique in Aion to accomplish goals with fellow players, taking on tasks far above a single players abilitys. Partys share loot, experiance, and quest credit. Each party can house up to 6 players at a time.

Party Options

Invite to Group

This option allows players to select, and either directly or remotely add players to the party.

Leave Group

This option allows the player to exit the party.

Ban from Group

This option allows the leader to kick other players from the party.

Assign Group Leader

This option allows the leader to give responsabilitys to another person within the party.

Group Distribution

This options allows any player within the party to pick a certain ammount of kinah to be distrubuted equally amongst the other members.

Distribution Settings

This option allows the leader to choose how items will be distrubuted once found amongst its members.

Loot Rules

Loot rules determine the basis of all looting within the party, and determines ownership of each corpse within the party.


Free for all allows everyone to loot every corpse, and loot everything they find.

Round Robin

Round Robin locks corpses to be looted first by turns. After its been looted by the players turn, the corpse opens up to everyone else in a Free-for-All manner.


This option allows the leader to select who gets what specific loot.

Rare Item Distribution

This option specifically pertains to any item greater then grey trash loot.


With normal settings the player who finds it under the loot rules option is given the rare item.

Roll Dice

Roll Dice allows players to roll a random dice from 1-100 and the player with the highest number is awarded the item. The leader may choose the quality of the item to be bidded on, anything lower will be treated as normal loot that anyone can pick up. Players may also choose to pass on specific items, giving up their rights to it.


Bid allows players to use their own kinah to buy items from other members, the player who bids the most for the item gains ownership. The kinah is then distrubuted to the rest of the players within the party equally.

Zoom In/Out Group Window

This button allows you to make the party UI change in size from bigger to smaller. This can also be done with the&nbsp;; key.


An Alliance is a larger form of a party, comprised of multiple smaller normal partys. It can house up to 4 full parties, entailing a total of 24 total players within each alliance.

Alliance-Specific Options

Appoint Vice Captain

Appointing a vice captian is givning partial leadership over the alliance. They are given the ability to invite and kick players from the alliance.

Alliance Distrubution

Alliance distrubution allows players to split their own kinah amongst all members of the alliance, at an ammount they select.

Check Readiness

This option allows the leader to give all players a window they must click to confirm they are ready to engage in battle.<br>

Hide Group Window

This box if clicked allows you to hide your own party window, allowing you to drag and drop a smaller version from the Alliance window.<br>


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