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Gods Amongst Mere Mortals is a legion that originated in Guild Wars and has since started a sister legion here in Aion, under the same name. The purpose of GAMM still is the same as it is in GW, a legion that offers a friendly atmosphere while players relax and enjoy Aion. We do not have any strict rules or an requirements such as certain amounts of group questing or PvP. In fact, GAMM is mainly a PvE guild, however there will be times when you find groups of us in the Abyss, as we will stil partake in some PvP, but we will not take it seriously. One main thing we will do is host mini guild events, just to keep things interesting. We also are into helping one another, if we are free to. We don't care how old or how young you are, just as long as you abide by the few rules and keep in mind that we are indeed just a friendly guild that is looking to have a good time in Aion.

The server we will be rolling on is Marchutan, due to the overcrowded population on Triniel!

Feel like joining our ranks? We have a forum board where you can go and request permission to join. From there we can get in contact with you in-game. My in-game character name is Deylan, so you can go ahead and msg me in-game if you see me on. Please remember we will not let anyone join, we will have to make sure that you are not going to ruin a good things, so we might have a few questions for you, or we might want to quest with you for a bit first, just to see how you interact with others.


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