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An Aion area in the Abyss that winning factions can control.


Capturing a Fortress

Fortresses are attackable PvPvE objectives. These can be controlled by the Elyos, the Asmodians or the Balaur. Influence is granted to the faction holding it. Fortresses also have vendors that sell DP-morphing recipes. While a fortress is under the control of the player's faction, the player can teleport to the fortress from the main stronghold for a price. The most prominent legion in the capturing of the Fortress receive a share of all of the Kinah spent at the Fortress.

Aion Fortress

Contribution Decorations

Contribution Decorations are required for more advanced pieces of Abyss gear in addition to Abyss Points. They are generally required for Abyss armor and weaponry at level 40 and beyond. Silver Contribution Decorations are obtained through participating in fortress sieges. To obtain Gold Contribution Decorations players are required to gamble their current Silver Contribution Decorations by tossing them into a fountain below their respective fortresses. Each time they have a chance to obtain a gold decoration or lose the silver in the process and gain nothing.

Fortress Defenses

Weapon Defenses

Aion Fortress Sentinals eye
Sentinel's Eye
When a member of the opposing faction gets close, this sentry turret will fire upon them, attacking them from a range.
Aion Fortress Iron explosive mine
Iron Explosive Mine
Explodes when a member of the opposing Faction gets too close, and the damage dealt can be extreme.

Gate Restoration Stones

These stones are used to heal the damage done to a fortress gate and delay the entry of the enemy faction.

Aion Fortress Gate restore stone screen

Guardian Deity General

Aion Fortress Asmodian Deity General

The Guardian Deity General is the defender of the fortress. He only appears during the times in which the fortress is vulnerable.

To capture a fortress, the general must be slain. The general is the strength of a raid boss, and has multiple abilities to aid him in the event of an attack.

The Guardian Deity General's strength may vary depending on the amount of influence the controlling faction has in the abyss, as well as the level of the fortress it's defending.

Fortress Levels

A Fortress Level is the strength of the fortress, as well as of its defenders, and the guardian deity general who protects it, and lastly the treasure room and its rewards.

Name Level Location
Sulfer Tree Fortress   1 Bottom Layer
Eastern Wing of Siel Fortress   1 Bottom Layer
Western Wing of Siel Fortress   1 Bottom Layer
Asteria Fortress   2 Upper Layer
The Ruins of Roah Fortress   2 Upper Layer
Miren Fortress   3 Upper Layer
Krotan Fortress   3 Upper Layer
Kysis Fortress   3 Upper Layer
Divine Fortress   4 Deepest Layer


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