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~*Force of Nature*~ Welcome to the Force of Nature legion webpage.We are new legion on the rise to greatness on the Lumiel server.Force of Nature is a diverse legion focusing on all aspects of the game (PvPvE, PvP, PvE, RP).Our Legion colors are obviously Burgundy and Sage :) **Guild Tenets** Our members are serious, friendly, and dedicated to each other.Maturity, Respect, and Restraint are expected of ALL members. No racism, bias, crude insulting jokes, etc. Cursing is acceptable but should be kept minimal. Don't get carried away, and do NOT target it at fellow players.For more information or an invite, whisper or in-game-mail Aliff. ^^< Guild News >^^(updated regularly) Hurry and recruit more members =P We need to get to level 2!The Legion Master at this point in time is Aliff.Level-Level-Level-Level-Level!


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