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http:  v1.theaionwiki.com _ rsrc 1253339036701 aion legions elyos entropy Entropy [[1]] A call has gone out to all hairmen. Can you hear it? Can you feel the hairs in your ear twitch as the sound-waves gently brush over them? Will you answer it?

ENTROPY is making Atreia its home, and is rolling as Elyos. Aion Online is our game.

We are the legion for you if: 1. You want a place were you can say anything you want with no restrictions.

2. You have skill, and you want to be in a legion that not only harnesses it, but will increase it.

3. You want to be in a legion that is intensely loyal to its members. If you give us all you have, we will give you all we have, and more.

4. You want to be in a legion where jokes aren't told or spread, but are BORN.

5. You not only have a strong enough hide to take all the rips and burns that will inevitably be thrown at you, but you also have a strong will, a thirsting desire, to be a Legion Hero.

Will you be a hero?

~Your Leaders: Centirick and Darlak


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