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The first Humans to Ascend into Daevas became the twelve Empyrean Lords. Each Lord or Lady is associated with certain symbols and virtues, and many of them are the patrons of particular playable classes. On an individual level their power is not necessarily greater than that of other Daevas, but their status as the first to Ascend grants them a special place in Daeva society, and they are revered by Humans as gods.

Four of the major Empyrean Lords represent the four cardinal directions--Azphel the north, Ariel the south, Siel the east, and Israphel the west--and they were traditionally perceived as supporting the world together from these four points, with the remaining eight Lords to aid them.

Historically, they were always disrupted by factional infighting, but during the Millennium War, Lord Israphel divided them further by proposing peace talks with the Balaur.

Tower Guardians When the Tower of Eternity was shattered in the Cataclysm, the two guardians of the Tower went on an apparent suicide mission in order to stabilize the Aetheric Field enough so that the shattering of the Tower would not cause the whole globe to scatter out into space. These two guardians were: Israphel, Lord of Space Siel, Lady of Time

Seraphim Lords The five who went to the south became the Seraphim Lords, the rulers of Elysea:

Leader: Ariel, Lady of Light Nezekan, Lord of Justice Vaizel, Lord of Freedom Kaisinel, Lord of Illusion Yustiel, Lady of Life Shedim Lords The five who went to the north became the Shedim Lords, the rulers of Asmodae:

Leader: Azphel, Lord of Shadow Zikel, Lord of Destruction Triniel, Lady of Death Lumiel, Lady of Wisdom Marchutan, Lord of Fate


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