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http:  v1.theaionwiki.com _ rsrc 1251853213057 aion legions asmodian divinity divinity [[1]] Divinity a legion for Aion(EU). An Asmodian guild. we have chosen to play Telemachus server/ Realm. We're a determined and excited group of people just looking to have a good time, grasp the full experience of the game and raid all the new content. We have people from all different gaming backgrounds, and are relxed friendly players, aswell as seriouse raiders and thrive in 100% with in what ever they do.Everybody knows how to play their current class from researching into them. Once we hit a high enough level for raiding, we will have set squeduals that the guild will sign up to. but if you cannot make it we do understand real life situations come 1st.  we hope to hear from you soon and good luck :)If you have any questions or concerns please message me at:[[2]]

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