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Dire Tempest is a newly formed legion that strives to be successful and have fun along the way. We are a semi-casual guild, meaning we intend to have hardcore players, casual players and players that are in between. Maintaining a drama free guild is very important to us. If you want to bring drama then you will have to find another legion. We intend to be a very active legion in the Abyss and stomp on Elyos every chance we get.

Vent/Chat Policies Due to mature language and adult conversations we are only allowing members that are 18yr old or older. Racism and verbal abuse towards others is not allowed. However, playful banter is allowed. Just let us know if you think we crossed the line. We don't want to be total hard ***es and joking/teasing helps make the gaming environment fun. Vent will be needed in the Abyss or while rifting to Elysea.

Play Style RvR focused with PvE scheduled events. We understand that PvE will be a large portion of the game and we will fully explore those aspects. However, we feel that RvR/PvP is a main drive for this game. Fortress events and Abyss content will be the main focus for this legion.

Trial Period Acolytes are subject to a 30 day trial period. This is to make sure that new players are a good fit to the legion before they are allowed Full Member access. All players seeking membership will be required to fill out an application. This is mostly a formality, but it also weeds out the people that can?t follow simple instructions. Official Website [[1]] Leadership's past MMO experience includes EQ, EQ2, FFXI, Vanguard, WoW, AoC, WAR and now Aion.


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