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http: _ rsrc 1251852869117 aion legions asmodian deimos deimos [[1]] We classify ourselves as Semi-Hardcore. What does that mean? 

The "Semi" part is that Legion members will not be "required" to attend every single raid if they don't want to. Even if you are online and just don't feel like raiding we will not force you into the group (although we will miss you). We understand that the game is a game and should be fun for you, and that real life always comes first. 

The hardcore part is that we will be consistantly raiding at least 4 nights a week if not more, we will expect people to: 

  • Know their classes very well 
  • Come prepared to events 
  • Come on time to events 
  • Know boss fights/strats ahead of time 
  • Respect the Legion's time by not no-showing events that you've signed up for 

Also, excessive requests for hand holding will get you a guild kick pretty quickly. 

<center>Atmosphere</center> We are about the most helpful bunch you could find, and want every member of the Legion to have each other's backs. Getting camped by some punk arse bastards? We're on the mofo. Need a hand with some group quests? We'll hook a brotha (sista File:Http:// wink.gif ) up. 

We're a family friendly guild here. We're not going to freak out if you toss out a curse in a frustrated moment, or if it just slips from time to time, but if F@%k is your favorite word, we're going to ask you to keep it under wraps. 

As far as Vent goes its open all the time, I know some people like active vents so if you just want to hang in there and chat with Legion mates we totally encourage it. Even if we aren't raiding we hope people will still hang out and chat. 

<center>Guild Officers</center> We have a solid core of officers now and are always looking for more. The officers in this Legion are not a "buddys club" we are people dedicated to actually working to make this guild a better place. Officer rank is pretty easy to get here, all you have to do is want to take on responsibility and work hard. Its not a title to toss out to people we like, its a rank for people who regularly donate time, and talents to the guild. If you want to know more about this, there is a "So you want to be an officer" thread for members once you join the guild. 

<center>Raid Schedule/Server</center> I've just added this because I've gotten a few questions on this. We are forming an Alliance with Judgement and another guild for the launch. We will be coordinating our server and raid schedules with the other Legions in the Alliance so we won't have a final schedule/server until we're closer to launch. We'd like to have our Alliance do PvP content together. This will help us make our domination in the Abyss a little more managable (and scare the hell out of any Elyos that see us coming). I'll keep everyone posted as we decide on a more concrete schedule. As a general framework though, we'll be raiding 4-5 days a week, either PvP or PvE from 7pmish-1amish. 

<center>So basically...</center> We're about as laid back as it comes, but we want to experience Aion to its fullest and we're pretty serious about it. If this post describes what you're looking for in a Legion, welcome to Deimos!

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