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We are a semi-casual guild. Our player base is made up of 18+ players with real life obligations such as work and family. Therefore, there is no minimum raid requirement for the guild. If you can raid, great, if your schedule doesn't permit it that's ok too. However, if we see that you have not logged into your Aion account for greater than one month's time without informing the council, you will be removed from the legion. This however is not a permanent removal. If you return to the game and wish to rejoin, you will be welcomed back barring any issues.


We are neither PvE or PvP focused. Due to the nature of the game, this is a distinction best left undefined. We welcome players who prefer both types of gaming and will do our best to plan fun activities in both areas of the game for all to enjoy. We however encourage a friendly cooperative environment for our members. We ask that you help out your legionmates and they in turn will help you as well. This might be accomplished by helping with group quests, dungeon runs, or simply answering a question in legion chat or helping out with class questions. Schedule:

Dark Vestige is a legion dedicated to providing a fun, friendly environment for late night adult gamers. Our prime playtime for the legion is between the hours of 12am-8am EST/9pm-5am PST. We cater to those players who have felt a bit left out by the gaming community due to their real life work/life schedules and play time.  Requirements:

-Friendly attitude

-Late night prime time gaming

-Vent(you don't have to log in all the time, but it is required for raids/group activities; however we like to talk and prefer if you do use it more than that)

-18+ years of age

-Regular forum activity, since we are semi-casual w/o raid attendance requirements, we ask that you do maintain a decent amount of forum activity.

<i>Who we are not:</i>

The following behaviors in legion are unacceptable and will be brought to the council for discussion for removal/punishment on a case by casebasis.

-Begging (for Kinah, items)

-Inappropriate behavior towards other legions when participating in a PUG. You represent our legion when grouping with others, we ask that you represent a mature and fun member of our legion. This will ensure that we continue to recruit and maintain strong legion members of our own.

-Inappropriate legion discussion/language. Although we are an adult-centric legion, some topics of discussion are not ok. If any member feels discriminated against or threatened by legion chat, please contact an officer ASAP. These situations will be dealt with also on a case by case basis.

-Legion drama is inevitable. This should be kept to a minimum by all members.  Organization:

Our legion is organized with a 'council' system. This consists of the Brigade General and 4 Centurions. Legion decisions including raid loot rules, recruitment, scheduling, and any other changes to legion and rules are decided by the vote of the council.  Our ‘council’ consists of members with strong leadership qualities and years of extensive MMO experience in both gaming and leadership capabilities.

The council members are not only the executive council for the legion, they should also be seen as a resource for our members. The council members will be carefully chosen for their knowledge and understanding of the game, as well as their ability to lead our legion.

General members of the legion are entitled 'Legionary'. Brigade General – Diantha

1st Centurion – Zerith

Scheduling Centurion – TBA

PvE Centurion – TBA

PvP Centurion - TBA  


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