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 We are a Casual/Hardcore East Coast Asmodian Legion on the Azphel server

Dark Legacy is a core group of friends that have been gaming, raiding, and pvping together for many years. Our intention is to have a laid-back, drama-free guild that lets loose in Aion and explores all of its content, from endgame raiding to world PVP.

We're a mixed group of men and women ranging in age from 20-50. Mature individuals are welcome to apply. Both hardcore and casuals will be accepted, but all applicants should read the Guild Guidelines [[1]] before applying as raiding priorities will be given to Hardcore raiders.

The stress here is on MATURE gamers. Uber-1337 kiddies need not apply. We've run into enough good people playing EQ, WoW, Warhammer, etc, to know that you can run a great guild and get your raiding and pvp fix without all the dramatics and nerdrage. So if you are a like-minded individual looking for a place to call home, come check us out.       http:  v1.theaionwiki.com _ rsrc 1253345178551 aion legions asmodian dark legacy grey%20arrow%20right [[2]]    


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